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Fort Walton Beach Real Estate Lawyer

The Fort Walton Beach real estate lawyers at Southern Legal help people and businesses handle a wide range of real estate matters, from residential and commercial purchases and sales to the financing, construction, and development of commercial property.

These transactions often raise unique issues and challenges. It is vital to have the advice of a seasoned attorney. Our lawyers have decades of experience and a proven track record of successful results for the people and businesses that we represent.

Real Estate Transactions and Contracts

Our attorneys frequently advise clients in all stages of real estate transactions.

Contracts are an essential part of these deals, whether it is a lease or sale, a joint real estate venture, or agreements with contractors and subcontractors building a commercial project.

We have significant experience negotiating, drafting, and reviewing real estate contracts, including for complex transactions that involve numerous parties and complicated situations. Our attorneys also assist in financing and mortgage-related matters, like loan modifications, short sales, foreclosures, and workouts, which are typically handled through legal agreements.

Zoning and Compliance

Real estate transactions also often come with regulatory red tape, especially in relation to new construction projects, complex deals, and the purchase and sale of large commercial properties.

Our firm helps builders, developers, and investors navigate zoning and compliance requirements. This often includes:

  • Zoning and government permits
  • Compliance and government regulations
  • Land use and environmental law

We help clients avoid having projects derailed by addressing issues as early as possible.

Real Estate Disputes

Disputes can and do happen and are often a part of doing business for many companies involved in real estate financing and development. Disputes also arise in the purchase and sale of single-family homes.

Real estate disputes routinely involve breach of contract claims. One party alleges that another did not live up to its responsibilities under a legal agreement, such as by making inaccurate disclosures, defective construction work, or failing to meet deadlines.

Some of the disputes we most frequently handle include:

  • Commercial landlord-tenant disputes: Landlords have certain responsibilities to keep the rented space in a certain condition, while tenants are expected to pay rent on time and abide by other terms of the lease.
  • Boundary disputes: Whether a neighbor is encroaching on your property or you need to negotiate a right of way through another parcel of land, our lawyers can help.
  • Quiet title actions: Property title issues can cause big headaches long after the property is transferred, putting clear ownership of the parcel at risk. Quiet title actions are commonly used to resolve these issues so a property can be sold.
  • Condominium & homeowner association law: Condo boards and homeowner groups often impose a variety of limits on how property can be used and assess penalties against those who do not comply.

The good news is that these and other disputes can often be resolved without long and drawn-out court battles. Our Fort Walton Beach real estate lawyers are accomplished negotiators who look to efficiently resolve disputes whenever possible. We are also seasoned litigators, ready to go to court when the need arises.

Our Fort Walton Beach Real Estate Lawyers Can Help

At Southern Legal, we have dedicated our careers to helping people and businesses navigate a wide range of legal issues related to real estate.

Our offices are conveniently located in Fort Walton Beach. We are proud to serve clients throughout the region, including in Okaloosa County, Walton County, Escambia County, Santa Rosa County, and Bay County. Call us at 850-244-0400 or contact us online to speak with an attorney.