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What is a quiet title?

Businesses operating in Florida, especially ones purchasing and selling real estate, need to be aware of what a quiet title is as well as how to obtain one. This is necessary to safeguard their interests and protect their assets.

The types of permits a company may need

There are many different types of permits that real estate development and other companies may need. For instance, a Florida construction or contracting firm will likely need a business license to operate within the state. This permit can be obtained either from a city or county government office depending on where the business is headquartered. Furthermore, business owners and their employees themselves may need to be licensed to perform tasks for customers or clients.

City and business owners disagree over parking availability

Floridians who live in Fort Walton Beach might be aware of the parking problems when people are shopping downtown. Recently, a group of downtown business owners met to discuss the parking problems and the city's denial of lease terms for 30 spaces that were purchased by a developer.

U-Haul plans to move in on Kmart location

Another major commercial real estate transaction is underway in the Fort Walton Beach area, after U-Haul announced plans to buy the Cinco Bayou Kmart property in the area. The storage, rental and trucking company will include the store in 13 properties that it plans to buy from Sears Holding Co., the owner of Kmart stores nationwide. Sears is liquidating the stores after filing for bankruptcy in November 2018. U-Haul said that it plans to modify the building into a self-storage and moving facility.

Florida health care facilities look to expand

Many hospitals in Florida are looking to expand the scope of their services or break new ground. However, some of the proposals are focused on areas where there is less need for new hospital facilities. The size of the proposed projects varies greatly, ranging from one facility that wants to add four new neonatal treatment beds to others that are looking to create new facilities with more than 100 beds.

Shopping mall looks to revitalize through new tenants

In Florida and across the country, traditional shopping malls are facing difficulties, while other kinds of retail real estate projects are booming. However, the owners of classic malls like the Santa Rosa Mall are looking towards new options to revitalize their storefronts. In addition, by constructing a large apartment complex on the site, mall owners are changing the face of the project toward the walkable, live-work concepts that are propelling large-scale residential construction across the country.

Fort Walton Beach real estate legal services

Bringing even straightforward real estate transactions to a successful close can be challenging in Florida, and stricter underwriting standards introduced in the wake of the mortgage crisis have added an additional layer of complexity to an already difficult process. Attorneys with experience in this area will be aware of this, and they may help property buyers and sellers, contractors, suppliers, developers, architects and property managers to anticipate potential snags and pitfalls and keep deals on track.

Florida law emphasizes need for written construction contracts

Courts recognize written agreements between parties involved in a construction project. Although some limited circumstances might legally allow two parties to forgo a written agreement, verbal agreements provide courts with nothing to base decisions on if a dispute arises. In the majority of business deals, the law requires contractors and their business associates to develop written contracts. Value and term length play an important role in the requirement to make an agreement in writing.

Legal remedies in breach of contract cases

Litigation can be a time consuming and expensive process, and businesses in Florida and around the country often choose to settle these matters at the negotiating table to avoid protracted legal battles. However, traditional negotiations and alternative approaches such as mediation do not always lead to an amicable resolution.

Florida landing project to revitalize boardwalk

In Fort Walton Beach, development has been approved on the Florida city's waterfront, meant to promote tourism, entertainment and a range of other activities. The Fort Walton Landing received a grant of $1.6 million from the state environmental protection department to pursue upgrades to the park.

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