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Ocean City neighbors don't want townhome development

A potential zoning and land use change in Florida has some property owners standing in opposition. A developer from Fort Walton Beach is seeking to combine two lots in Ocean City, at 112 and 116 Monahan Drive N.E. The developer plans to demolish two houses on the lots and build eight townhouses. However, the property owners opposing the requests are concerned that the new townhouses will bring additional traffic and noise as well as add stress to area infrastructure.

Hotel construction launches near Florida convention center

Construction efforts continue to rise in the Fort Walton Beach area in Florida. The Sandestin Hotel began construction on Sept. 14 as owners launched the project at a groundbreaking ceremony. The hotel will include 250 rooms and full-service amenities at its location at the Village of Baytowne Wharf. The hotel's owner scooped some dirt from the ground ceremonially as bulldozers and cranes came to life in the background, beginning construction.

Fort Walton Beach bustling with construction plans

Downtown Fort Walton Beach is the location of a number of upcoming construction projects that could give the area a new, modern face. Many business owners in the area remember a time when the town's central business district was bustling with customers at shops that employed dozens of people. However, over the years, the area has become a quieter place, home to antique shops and other specialty businesses after major retailers moved to shopping centers and other large-scale developments.

County seeks to build new agricultural center

The city council of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, approved a resolution to support Okaloosa County's application for a grant to help build a facility to promote agriculture and provide education in the area. These programs are currently housed in the county's south-area extension office, but the new facility could soon provide master gardener classes, plant clinics and greenery sales. The land earmarked for the facility is owned by the county.

New school on the rise in Florida

As Florida communities in South Walton County continue to grow, a new elementary school is being built in the area. The Dune Lakes Elementary school is the first school for this age group built in the county in over two decades, and the project has been in planning for over three years. School superintendent said that the local area has grown significantly in recent years, especially in the south end of the county. While Walton County had 8,822 public school students in the 2016-17 academic year, it will have 9,100 in the 2018-2019 year. That number is expected to continue to rise.

Several new car washes set to open in Northwest Florida

At least nine new car washes are planned or under construction along U.S. Highway 98 near Fort Walton Beach. Some have speculated that demand will not be sufficient to support so much supply, but the owners of the new locations are optimistic. So much commercial construction activity may be an indication of community growth.

Renovating historic Fort Walton Beach building may be costly

After the relocation of the historic Gulfview Hotel to a vacant city lot, extensive work still needs to be completed before it will be usable. The oldest building in Fort Walton Beach was moved a half mile in April with great fanfare. This historic structure will be converted into the city's welcoming center with office and meeting spaces.

Construction contracts can provide a solid basis for building

When Florida businesses get involved with a new construction, there are a number of critical documents that can help to lay the groundwork for a successful project. By paying close attention to contracting even before the project begins, companies can help to avoid later construction disputes that are contentious and expensive. By building a firm, well-constructed contract, the parties involved in a project can be well on their way toward a successful development.

Construction contracts

When Florida builders sign a construction contract, they enter a legally binding agreement with the owner that a certain amount of compensation will be received for the executed project. There may also specifications for the manner in which the compensation will be disbursed. While there are many types of construction contracts, construction professionals tend to use certain types more than others.

Misunderstood terms in construction contracts

Having a solid construction contract in place is crucial for any project, small or large. Without a legally binding contract that clearly describes the terms and conditions of a project, both parties could face thorny legal issues. When so much time and money are at risk, it is crucial to have a detailed contract that will hold up in court.

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