Road construction on South Walton street

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Construction in the Fort Walton Beach vicinity of Florida is continuing as a South Walton road is changing to a one-way street with the addition of more parking spaces. Hotz Avenue, a road in Grayton Beach, will undergo 75 days of construction that began on December 17, 2018. The project will not only change the direction of traffic, but it will also add water purification systems and additional drainage, remove asphalt and repave the street’s surface. There are several reasons why Walton County is pursuing the road renovation. Traffic is growing in the area, especially during high season, and stormwater issues have recurred nearby.

The water purification aspect of the project is also meant to help improve the quality of water in Western Lake. A spokesperson for the county said that while the lake’s water quality was acceptable, it could be enhanced with additional treatment options. The lake’s water levels often change depending on the climate of the coast, and water runoffs are common. The spokesperson also noted that improving stormwater drainage would provide environmental benefits.

A number of shopping centers and other public projects have been built in the area, and additional parking has become an important need. The construction project will involve the installation of parking spots on both sides of the street. The defined spaces will organize parking and help improve traffic safety and the appearance of the area. The county spokesperson also said that the shift to a one-way road was widely supported by local residents.

Construction projects can bring a great deal of additional income and activity to the Fort Walton Beach region, but they can also be complex, especially if cost overruns or delays enter the picture. A construction law attorney can help businesses craft contracts that protect their interests and take action to resolve construction disputes.

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