New beauty store adds to retail renaissance in Fort Walton Beach

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2018 | Construction Law |

Commercial development projects continue to rise in Fort Walton Beach with the opening of an Ulta Beauty store near Uptown Station. The cosmetics store and salon, a branch of a national chain, opened on Oct. 26 after a several-month period in which the facility was under construction. A spokesperson for the chain said that the store carries 500 brands and 20,000 different products as a major national beauty marketer.

Ulta is only the latest tenant in the Uptown Station shopping center. Five Below, a clothing chain, also recently opened a retail store in the development. Shopping center representatives said that they hoped the new tenants would continue to revitalize retail development in the area. The center said that two existing tenants relocated their stores to other parts of the outdoor mall to allow room for the construction of the larger store. While there have been concerns raised about the viability of retail outlets with the rise of online shopping, beauty stores like Ulta and competitor Sephora have continued to see strong in-store sales. Because cosmetics chains allow customers to try makeup on in person, they offer opportunities that online sales do not.

The development of the Ulta added new space to an existing shopping center. The construction of the store involved a series of transactions and contracts between multiple parties.

As Fort Walton Beach continues to develop, construction projects will continue to play a major role in broadening the commercial real estate landscape. Construction law attorneys can help businesses and contractors negotiate successful agreements and resolve disputes when they arise.