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October 2018 Archives

Contractor's liens and construction law

Contractors or subcontractors in Florida who have performed work on a construction project but have not been paid may file a claim known as a contractor's lien. Paying invoices sent by contractors on time is the best way to avoid a contractor's lien. If a contractor successfully files a lien against a property, the contractor will be paid from any proceeds that are obtained when the property is sold.

Florida developer accused of violating EB-5 visa rules

A group of investors claims that a Florida real estate developer abused the EB-5 investor program and bilked them out of millions in a lawsuit filed on Oct. 11 in Palm Beach County. The 90 Chinese plaintiffs are hoping to recover some of their $99.5 million investment in a Jupiter mixed-use real estate development. EB-5 visa holders are promised expedited green card processing when they invest between $500,000 and $1 million in qualified projects. However, their investment does not guarantee that their applications will be successful.

About SBA loans

Entrepreneurs in Fort Walton Beach may find that getting loans guaranteed by the United States Small Business Administration is a compelling financing option. An SBA loan may be the logical choice small businesses that require funding. It has competitive terms and rates, guardrails for completing the loan process, longer times for repayment and smaller down payments. However, it is important that small business owners who are considering applying for an SBA loan conduct the necessary research to understand exactly how the loans work.

Understanding non-competition agreements

Companies in Florida and throughout the United States may ask that workers sign a non-competition agreement. While they may be valid if properly constructed, courts often see them as an impediment to workers after they leave their current employers. Generally speaking, an employee must receive something of value in exchange for agreeing to such a clause. This may include a job candidate being offered a position or a current employee receiving a promotion.

Ocean City neighbors don't want townhome development

A potential zoning and land use change in Florida has some property owners standing in opposition. A developer from Fort Walton Beach is seeking to combine two lots in Ocean City, at 112 and 116 Monahan Drive N.E. The developer plans to demolish two houses on the lots and build eight townhouses. However, the property owners opposing the requests are concerned that the new townhouses will bring additional traffic and noise as well as add stress to area infrastructure.

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