Several new car washes set to open in Northwest Florida

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At least nine new car washes are planned or under construction along U.S. Highway 98 near Fort Walton Beach. Some have speculated that demand will not be sufficient to support so much supply, but the owners of the new locations are optimistic. So much commercial construction activity may be an indication of community growth.

Most of the new operations are planned in Destin and South Walton, with Executive Express Car Wash planning to open three new locations. Otto’s Express Car Wash is planning a new location on the corner of U.S. Highway 98 and Don Bishop Road in South Walton. However, it’s first new location, in Destin on Emerald Coast Parkway, should be open in time for the fall and winter months.

Ronny’s Car Wash has planted a sign announcing a new location at the corner of Navarre Parkway and Coral Street in Fort Walton Beach. The owner of the business said he has plans to open more along the nearby highway. Having already sold a number of car washes in Pensacola, he said the company model was good, and it works.

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