Fort Walton Beach bustling with construction plans

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Downtown Fort Walton Beach is the location of a number of upcoming construction projects that could give the area a new, modern face. Many business owners in the area remember a time when the town’s central business district was bustling with customers at shops that employed dozens of people. However, over the years, the area has become a quieter place, home to antique shops and other specialty businesses after major retailers moved to shopping centers and other large-scale developments.

However, the area is becoming more profitable and a location for exciting construction projects, according to local business owners. Along the Miracle Strip Parkway, five new businesses opened in 2018, including a hair salon, recording studio, two restaurants and an ax-throwing entertainment attraction. Two more businesses are on the agenda, including a paddleboard company and a hemp specialty store. In addition, one major investor in downtown properties announced a significant restoration project for Cinema Plus, the downtown movie theater with a historic background. The investor purchased the theater and plans to restore it to 1960’s glory by early 2019.

The investor said that interior and exterior work on the cinema will begin in October 2018. The theater is unique in that it offers table-and-chair seating rather than the common stadium-style or traditional movie theater folding seats. He said that he planned to keep this unique seating while offering new menus in the dinner theater and rotating the selection of films more frequently.

Other major projects in the rise on the area include the replacement of the Brooks Bridge and a Hilton extended-stay hotel under construction. While these projects are bringing excitement to the region, it is easy for large-scale undertakings to develop into construction disputes when costs run over or completion is delayed. A construction law attorney can work with businesses, contractors and subcontractors to successfully resolve these disputes.