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Bringing even straightforward real estate transactions to a successful close can be challenging in Florida, and stricter underwriting standards introduced in the wake of the mortgage crisis have added an additional layer of complexity to an already difficult process. Attorneys with experience in this area will be aware of this, and they may help property buyers and sellers, contractors, suppliers, developers, architects and property managers to anticipate potential snags and pitfalls and keep deals on track.

Real estate transactions often involve several parties who all have interests to protect, and being able to understand their positions could help attorneys to ensure that negotiations do not become sidetracked by disputes or misunderstandings. These issues may be especially concerning to property developers and investors as project timetables are often strict and even minor delays can be extremely costly.

Many of the problems that delay real estate transactions or cause developers or property managers to become entangled in legal disputes can be avoided by thorough due diligence. Experienced real estate attorneys may check zoning, land use and environmental rules carefully to ensure that projects are not derailed by regulatory issues, and scrutinizing property titles closely could reveal problematic liens, unknown encumbrances and easements, missing heirs or disputed boundaries. When disputes do occur or seem inevitable, attorneys may suggest taking a proactive approach to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Property buyers, sellers, investors and developers generally want to complete transactions quickly and expediently, but achieving this goal often requires attorneys who focus on details, are fierce negotiators and possess boundless reserves of patience. If you would like to learn more about how we could make the process of buying or selling a property in northwestern Florida easier, please visit our residential and commercial real estate services page.