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August 2018 Archives

Renovating historic Fort Walton Beach building may be costly

After the relocation of the historic Gulfview Hotel to a vacant city lot, extensive work still needs to be completed before it will be usable. The oldest building in Fort Walton Beach was moved a half mile in April with great fanfare. This historic structure will be converted into the city's welcoming center with office and meeting spaces.

Florida health care facilities look to expand

Many hospitals in Florida are looking to expand the scope of their services or break new ground. However, some of the proposals are focused on areas where there is less need for new hospital facilities. The size of the proposed projects varies greatly, ranging from one facility that wants to add four new neonatal treatment beds to others that are looking to create new facilities with more than 100 beds.

What to do if your client does not pay for a construction project

Working in construction gives you the satisfaction of using your hands to create something from scratch. It is a rewarding, but physically demanding job. More than just physical stress, you also deal with stress that comes from working for clients. Some clients may make a lot of changes. Some may push for unrealistic timelines. Some clients may even refuse to pay you after the project is complete.

Shopping mall looks to revitalize through new tenants

In Florida and across the country, traditional shopping malls are facing difficulties, while other kinds of retail real estate projects are booming. However, the owners of classic malls like the Santa Rosa Mall are looking towards new options to revitalize their storefronts. In addition, by constructing a large apartment complex on the site, mall owners are changing the face of the project toward the walkable, live-work concepts that are propelling large-scale residential construction across the country.

Fort Walton Beach real estate legal services

Bringing even straightforward real estate transactions to a successful close can be challenging in Florida, and stricter underwriting standards introduced in the wake of the mortgage crisis have added an additional layer of complexity to an already difficult process. Attorneys with experience in this area will be aware of this, and they may help property buyers and sellers, contractors, suppliers, developers, architects and property managers to anticipate potential snags and pitfalls and keep deals on track.

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