Sales and revenue more important than perfect business launch

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2018 | Business Law |

The demands of starting up a new business in Florida can easily pull a founder in many directions. Entrepreneurs often strive for perfection when launching a business. Time invested on designing a logo or crafting a marketing message matters, but nothing replaces the benefits of signing clients as soon as possible and generating revenue. Even if a business remains a work in progress, sales revenue will keep an operation alive and potentially attract new investors.

People with good business ideas sometimes get derailed by insisting on getting every detail just right before trying to market the products or services. More value could be gained in the early days by attracting customers while in a beta mode. Even if early customers do not represent the ideal customer for the business plan, a customer who pays an invoice creates more success than fine-tuning a slogan or picking out stationery.

Even in the early stages, a new company should pursue customers. While generating revenue, an entrepreneur must also monitor company spending and calculate how much money is needed to stay in business week by week. This information allows an entrepreneur to understand how much revenue needs to come in and set goals for achieving that number.

A person starting a business often seeks out legal advice. An attorney who practices business law may research strategies for structuring a business and provide insights about government regulations and licensing that could affect the operation. The development of contracts with employees, partners and investors might also benefit from a legal review. An attorney may suggest language to limit the business owner’s liabilities or alert a person to important topics not addressed by a contract.