Construction contracts can provide a solid basis for building

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When Florida businesses get involved with a new construction, there are a number of critical documents that can help to lay the groundwork for a successful project. By paying close attention to contracting even before the project begins, companies can help to avoid later construction disputes that are contentious and expensive. By building a firm, well-constructed contract, the parties involved in a project can be well on their way toward a successful development.

While a construction contract will typically begin with the chief agreements and contracts, the necessary documents are not limited to this main reference point. In particular, a scope of work statement can be helpful in understanding the agreed-upon steps of the process of building and construction. By being clear in the statement of work, both parties can provide more accurate assessments of the time and cost involved in completing the project. Another important extension of the contract lays out general conditions; this document makes clear both party’s rights and obligations under the agreement.

The general conditions may have additional clauses, called special conditions. These may lay out specific clauses that apply to particular projects or aspects of the complete job. A bill of quantities can also be helpful for both parties to fully ascertain the costs involved in the work. In addition, detailed drawings and plans are critical to any construction contract as they provide the basis to assess and understand later disputes over the finished product.

The complicated process of crafting a contract can parallel that of constructing the building itself. However, it can be immensely important in case of a later construction dispute. A business lawyer can help companies involved in development projects to prepare clear, detailed contracts that protect their interests and provide a solid basis for a successful result.