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July 2018 Archives

Florida law emphasizes need for written construction contracts

Courts recognize written agreements between parties involved in a construction project. Although some limited circumstances might legally allow two parties to forgo a written agreement, verbal agreements provide courts with nothing to base decisions on if a dispute arises. In the majority of business deals, the law requires contractors and their business associates to develop written contracts. Value and term length play an important role in the requirement to make an agreement in writing.

Legal remedies in breach of contract cases

Litigation can be a time consuming and expensive process, and businesses in Florida and around the country often choose to settle these matters at the negotiating table to avoid protracted legal battles. However, traditional negotiations and alternative approaches such as mediation do not always lead to an amicable resolution.

Florida landing project to revitalize boardwalk

In Fort Walton Beach, development has been approved on the Florida city's waterfront, meant to promote tourism, entertainment and a range of other activities. The Fort Walton Landing received a grant of $1.6 million from the state environmental protection department to pursue upgrades to the park.

Using convertible notes

Entrepreneurs in Florida who are interested in different ways to fund startups may consider using convertible notes. These notes are debts that change into equity when fundraising rounds take place.

Start up companies need to budget and prepare for debt

Entrepreneurs in Florida focus on their goals, but, realistically, debts will pave the path to their success. New businesses generally do not make a profit for three to five years. Until then, bank loans, credit cards and investors will supply the money to launch and operate a business. From day one, entrepreneurs must budget carefully and accept the inevitability of carrying debt for a time.

Sales and revenue more important than perfect business launch

The demands of starting up a new business in Florida can easily pull a founder in many directions. Entrepreneurs often strive for perfection when launching a business. Time invested on designing a logo or crafting a marketing message matters, but nothing replaces the benefits of signing clients as soon as possible and generating revenue. Even if a business remains a work in progress, sales revenue will keep an operation alive and potentially attract new investors.

Construction contracts can provide a solid basis for building

When Florida businesses get involved with a new construction, there are a number of critical documents that can help to lay the groundwork for a successful project. By paying close attention to contracting even before the project begins, companies can help to avoid later construction disputes that are contentious and expensive. By building a firm, well-constructed contract, the parties involved in a project can be well on their way toward a successful development.

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